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Ule, mein Sohn

Ein berührendes Lied nach einem Text von Adam Kuckhoff, den er, zwei Tage vor seiner Hinrichtung  an seinen 2 jährigen Sohn Ule schrieb. Die Musik ist von Norbert Glanzberg.

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Eine kleine Begrüssung auf Englisch!


Ein sehr persönliches Programm mit Musik von Kurt Weill und Norbert Glanzberg und Werken von der Bostoner Künstlerin Lisa Rosowsky.

Ah, chi mi dice mai

Donna Elvira’s first appearance in the opera  „Don Giovanni“ by Mozart.

Transport by Norbert Glanzberg

The text of this powerful song is by Gerti Spies, who describes a scene in the Ghetto of Theresienstadt.


Buchenwäldermarsch by Hermann Leopoldi

From my program „Paths of Life“ about the music of German Jewish Composers during the Nazi regime.


Weihnacht, E. Humperdinck

Videotaped during a Christmas concert at the Schloss Esterhazy in Eisenstadt, Austria. With Corso Wien under Alfons Egger.

Suo Gan – Welsh Lullaby

A Welsh Lullaby that is often sung at Christmas time. Ute Gfrerer Soprano and Corso Wien under Alfons Egger.
Viedotaped at Schloss Esterhazy , Eisenstadt, Austria in Dec. 2015.

Los Pajaros Perdidos, Tango

Ute Gfrerer, Corso Wien under Alfons Egger and Ferry Janoska on bandoneon.
This is a beautiful Tango. Here is a translation of the lyrics into English!

The Lost Birds

I love the lost birds
That come back from death
To blend in with a sky
Where I will never be able to get back.
The memories come back,
The hours of my youth that I gave away,
And a ghost comes from the sea
Made out of things I loved and lost.
Everything was a dream, a dream that we lost,
Like we lost the birds and the sea,
A short and ancient dream like the time
That mirrors can not reflect.
Later I tried to lose you in so many others
And that other one and all of them were you;
I finally got to recognize when a goodbye is a goodbye,
Loneliness devours me, and we were left two.
The night birds come back
They fly, blind, over the sea,
The entire night is a mirror
That brings your loneliness back to me.
I am but a lost bird
Coming back from death
To blend in with a sky
Where I will never be able to get back.

Mi tradi quell‘ alma ingrata

Donna Elvira’s aria from the Mozart opera „Don Giovanni“.