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10. 01.


And here we are!

The two sides of the "one and only" Anna after opening night, ready to party!!!

09. 29.


Ready for Opening Night

After we both got a haircut we now look even mire like the sisters Anna 1 and Anna 2. Right Anna? ;-)

09. 27.


Goofing around!

Still time to goof around with my "sister" Anna aka Gabrielle Zucker and our assistant director Ray Zilberberg

09. 26.


Sitzprobe for Seven Deadly Sins

It's getting serious!!!

I asked my director Keturah Stickann Gr├╝nblatt (she is GOOD! by the way), why it is called Sitzprobe when I am standing. Her answer: everybody else was sitting! ­čśë

09. 19.



Look what I found on my way to dinner yesterday!!! The streets of Norfolk are plastered with these!

09. 18.


“A sinful Night” with Adam Turner in Richmond, Virginia

Of course, we are only talking music here!! ;-) Nat├╝rlich alles nur rein musikalisch! ;-)


09. 16.


Having a blast with colleagues of Virginia Opera

Who would have thought that "Seven Deadly Sins" could be so much fun???? Wer h├Ątte gedacht, dass die sieben Tods├╝nden soviel Spass machen k├Ânnen!? ;-)

09. 10.


Auf nach Virginia!

├ťbermorgen beginnt mein 5 w├Âchiges Engagement als Anna1 in den Sieben Tods├╝nden mit der Virginia Opera. Jetzt ist grosses Kofferpacken angesagt!

09. 03.



Before I start my engagement in Virginia, one more relaxing summer day with Barolo, my Labradoodle!

03. 07.


Godmother of MERCI UDO!!!

I became the godmother of a rose! In honor of Udo J├╝rgens, the great Austrian songwriter and Entertainer, Karl Winkler created a new rose. White and red on one bush!

rosentaufe udo merci winkler seeeboden ute gfrerer
rosentaufe merci udo winkler seeeboden ute gfrerer